Day in a Walk-A-Thon life revealed through junior

Juniors walk the first steps of their WAT route on Sept. 30 on Military Avenue. Juniors and seniors walk the two mile route. Photo by Caitlyn Dunham.

By J1 Reporter Caitlyn Dunham 

On the night of Sept. 29, junior Maggie Chattin was excitedly looking for her tennis shoes to prepare for Marian’s annual Walk-A-Thon (WAT) going on the next day. She woke up at 6:45 a.m. anticipating the results of which class brought in the most money.

She walked into school, water bottle in hand, ready to talk with her friends about their predictions of the results, “I was really nervous because I heard rumors that sophomores beat us,” Chattin said. Before the assembly, the junior class had a class meeting to discuss what was expected of them if the results were not what they had hoped. Chattin explained how, “being excited for the people that beat us and having good sportsmanship is super important.” 

Fortunately for the junior Class of 2024, they pulled together as a class, surpassed their class goal by 24%, brought in $28,649, and finished in second place! After hearing the results, the freshmen, sophomores, seniors and then juniors were off on their walks. “I was really happy we didn’t have to walk four miles,” Chattin explained.

The walk consisted of students reveling in their class pride and daydreaming about the splash party at the end of their route. When Chattin walked those final steps, she looked out and saw the water slide and the dunk tank. Tired from the walk, but excited to see which teacher was getting dunked, she ran over to celebrate her victory with the rest of her school. 

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