Starbucks makes my morning miraculous 

Opinion by J1 Reporter Maya Zier 

Maya’s Moments

The long drive-through line at 10 am. Waiting for the blissful first sip of my ice cold refresher. I have already mobile ordered my venti strawberry açaí lemonade refresher with no strawberry inclusions and light ice. It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. 

The best way to start my weekends is in this Starbucks drive-through on 86th and Dodge. I’m waiting for the next few cars to get their orders so I can finally make my way to the microphone box. I wait in my car with the heat blasting on my face. Well, by heat I mean the dial is set to heat but my car is still warming up. 

Adele has already been blessing my ears this morning for seven minutes. Two songs. It’s my turn. I roll down my window, slightly press the gas, and turn down Adele. The lovely barista asks me what they can get for me. Little do they know they have already made my mobile pickup order. I let them know my name and they track down my blessed drink. They tell me they have it ready at the next window. 

My car’s window comes back up and Adele continues to serenade me. Four cars are still ahead of me. I check the time. I check my family group chat. I fix the blanket that’s been keeping me warm all this time. Three cars are left. I almost have it. I’m so close to taking the first life changing, earth shattering sip. New song. The heat in my car is starting to take effect. 

We are pulling forward. Two cars are left. They pay. They drive off. One car left. I’m next. I see the car ahead of me paying and a huge smile appears on my face. The red Toyota charger gets their coffee and it’s my turn. I pull-up to the window. I stick out my arm and grab the beautiful, light pink beverage. 

And that’s it. My day is complete. I got it. I got the drink. I got MY drink. The smiling and cheerful barista tells me to have a great day and I know I will because I just got the one thing that ensures a fantastic day. I tell her to have a great day too, I politely decline when she offers me a straw, and I drive away. I swear I can hear angels singing. Nope, that’s just Adele peeking through my speakers. I turn her up and drive home. 

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