Nick Kimble brought positivity to the Marian parking lot

By J1 Reporter Caitlyn Dunham

A bad morning can turn into a great day with a positive comment and a smile. Morning Security Guard Mr. Nick Kimble was behind those positive starts to the mornings for so many students and staff since he started in August 2021.

Office Assistant, Rhonda Ronspies with Security Guard Nick Kimble and Secretary Judy Turnquist as they mimic his attire. Photo courtesy of Ronspies.

Kimble began his day at Marian at 7 every school morning making sure students were safe crossing the street from the parking lot to the front door. His positive attitude and friendly “good morning!”s are what Marian students and staff began their day with. 

Not everyone was always as eager to reciprocate the kindness of a morning greeting but, “If they don’t greet me back, well, they don’t greet me back… it’s no big deal,” Kimble said. Even when students and staff did not respond with the same kindness given to them, it did not leave Kimble discouraged; he did it out of the kindness in his heart. 

In the 2021 yearbook, Kimble was recognized for wearing different hats— literally— almost every day in his first year in the job. He continued this tradition into the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. 

What Marian students do not see is the behind the scenes of his day-to-day life. Office Assistant /Paraprofessional Rhonda Ronspies said, “He liked sharing stories about his life experience.” Kimble has worked from Alaska to Boystown spreading positive energy and kindness. With his extensive life experiences, stories were bound to come up in conversation. He often talked about his teaching experiences in Alaska and how he adapted to the cultural differences there. Before coming to Marian, Kimble worked as a tour guide at the Boystown Flanagan House. He and many others believe the attraction is haunted and he told numerous spooky stories about the supernatural occurrences.  

Nick Kimble’s last day at Marian was Tues., Nov. 8. His positive energy was given as well as received during his time at Marian. “I think he truly enjoyed the energy they [students] brought to his life,” Ronspies said. 

Junior Abby Konecky looks back on her fondest memories with Kimble, “Every morning he was always playing a song in his pocket and putting a smile on my face.” The Journalism team wishes him grace and happiness in the next stage of his life.

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