Star on keyboard changes the lives of Marian girls

By J1 Reporter Mia Ramirez

 Marian singers and musicians have been showcased for audience members to watch for years, however the real spotlight performs off the stage; creating experiences with girls that they will remember forever.  

Wake up calls at 6 a.m, and countless repetition of the correct notes played a thousand times over and over again seems pretty unbelievable to enjoy; however with the help of his talented piano skills, warm smile, and brilliant musicality, Mr. Tim DiBlasi makes it worth doing. 

Singers who have been in the choir since freshman year like junior Abi Howard describe him as:  “funny,” “kind to everyone,” and a “confidence booster.” 

“Anytime that I am hesitant about signing up to sing a solo,” junior Hailey Eriksen said, “he always reminds me that the song is perfect for my vocal range.” Girls rely on DiBlasi to give them a good laugh, offer a smile to all, and establish the confidence in them to sing and perform to the best of their ability. 

It’s clear that DiBlasi’s reassurance and note repetitions act as the foundation for the first part of fine arts student’s days. “He has impacted me in an extremely positive way by making me feel like a leader, and inspiring me to reach new goals,” Eriksen said.  

Mr. Tim DiBlasi Photo by Mia Ramirez

You may be wondering, what got him started? Well, he was inspired to play the piano simply from hearing “wonderful local musicians” play. DiBlasi would rather accompany ensembles than play his own solos; he believes he plays the piano to help support other musicians.“Piano is an interest and leading a life of Christianity is my passion,” he said. 

 He provides students with the ability to be successful, and his piano skills act as the navigator in order for musicians to feel in touch with their music. 

        DiBlasi knows what it’s like to learn at a steady, and slowly progressing level. His passion for piano started with “three wonderful studio directors.” This led to his deeper desire to teach music, which he went on to do at the Westside Community School district for 35 years. 

Although he is the current accompanist of all Marian ensembles, and has been for seven years- he has been working alongside talented females like long time Marian choral director Miss Cathy Pruitte since 2001. His current ensembles include: Concert Choir, Select Women’s Choir, Momentum Show Choir, Musical, and the Band/Orchestra. He worked with Pruitte, Ms. Lauren Morrissey, and now alongside the talented vocal music instructor Ms. Madeline Reddel. 

Members from the ensembles express their gratitude for DiBlasi by always listening to him, and appreciating his talents. The impact DiBlasi makes on these students’ lives is greater than just a letter grade. The applause musicians feel after performing can be shared with DiBlasi, and truly relates back to his collaborative efforts off the stage. 

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