Calhoun teaches more than just science

By J1 Reporter Julia Trainer 

Having a creative outlet to be able to channel in times of stress can be extremely beneficial. Some people like to go for a jog around the neighborhood, while others prefer to bake a sweet treat, but  biology teacher, Mrs. Kris Calhoun likes to get crafty. 

Mrs. Kris Calhoun teaches five biology blocks and one art block throughout the day. Photo by Julia Trainer

Calhoun grew up moving from town to town in Nebraska, where she graduated from Crete High School. Similarly to teenagers now, she worked quite a bit during her high school days with jobs that varied from “working at a cinema, sewing and alterations, and other odd jobs here and there,” she said. While a lot of teenagers end up straying from the jobs they once occupied, Calhoun found her way back to her inner-crafty self by becoming the new art foundations teacher here at Marian. 

After teaching science-related classes at Marian for more than 24 years,  Calhoun stepped into another role this year as an art teacher. Beyond her science and teaching degrees, Calhoun received a Bachelor’s of Science in art at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, as well as an art endorsement for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

Over the years at Marian, she has been the moderator of the Fashion Club and the Green Thumb Club, a plant-lovers group.  She has shown her creative and artistic side on many occasions, even being the go-to faculty member for all Field Day costume sewing questions.

With her knowledge and expertise of artistic  subjects, Calhoun is not new to this creative class. “She [Mrs. Calhoun] does a great job of portraying her passion for art through her teaching,”  sophomore Kate McAlpine said. 

However, it can sometimes vary where this class can take place; the art room or the biology classroom. “I love having it in my classroom, and I think the students do too,” Calhoun said. On the occasion, she will head upstairs to Mrs. Ashley Bauer’s art room. “Transferring materials can be hard and trying to rush and get the room ready makes it tight in between passing periods,” Calhoun said. 

McAlpine explains that, “Her positive and exciting attitude towards the class is my favorite thing about Mrs. Calhoun.” Whether it be her love for music or her enthusiasm about art, Calhoun portrays a constant positive attitude to engage her students. However, being positive and engaging as a teacher is not always easy, but for Calhoun comes easily because of her lifelong passion and enthusiasm for art. 

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