Introduction of piano lessons brings new opportunities for students interested in instrumental music

 by J1 Reporter Sophia Reinhardt

Music at Marian has had a big impact on the lives of many students. Performing arts that been offered in the past including band, choir, guitar, handbells and strings. New this year Marian also is offering piano lessons for students who are interested in learning how to perfect the art of the piano.

Mrs. Stephanie Dickes, Chair of Performing Arts Department at Marian, talks about why she feels it’s important to offer piano. “Piano offers many opportunities for students to learn a bigger instrument, and it helps a lot with coordinations,” she said. Dickes has been teaching instrumental music at Marian for the past four years. 

Piano is often used as a beginner instrument and can help give the skill set to a person to then learn a different instrument. It’s also a great way to learn about music theory, something that is important for any type of music. “More music theory is involved in piano versus some other instruments,” Dickes said. “Music theory helps a lot with sight reading and music analysis as well as songwriting.” Music theory is a very important part of any type of music, but often isn’t as well known as it should be. It’s a big key part of understanding what you’re playing and how to do more with the music.

Dickes also talks about the expressive benefits of piano. “Piano is beneficial for all ages and gives a creative outlet for everyone,” she said. “Music uses a different part of your brain, the creative side to express oneself.” Music is one of the most popular creative outlets for people and many enjoy different aspects of it.

Grace Comstock, a junior currently in the class, shares her excitement about the class being a part of the Marian curriculum this year. “I personally have been wanting to learn piano for a long time but have never had the proper teaching or tools to teach myself,” Comstock said. Many students have expressed interest in piano, but many similarly to Comstock don’t have the tools or can find a teacher to help them. “It allows people to try out a new part of themselves especially if they aren’t very musical like myself,” Comstock said.

Piano 1 students work on their skills and songs on the keyboard during Block A. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Stephanie Dickes.

Not only is piano fun for people, but it also impacts them in a positive manner. “This has allowed me to learn more about myself as a person and that just because you don’t know everything about whatever interests you stop you from trying something out,” Comstock said. The students get the chance to learn new skills and get to feel the excitement of playing a new piece. “There is something super rewarding about working on something difficult and hearing the final product that I myself made super cool,” she says. 

The piano class learns a few songs and the class and will have a recital at the end of the semester. The students get to pick a song based off of previous playing quizzes. The recitals will be held in the Kish Auditorium on Dec. 14 during Block A and Dec. 15 during Block G and H.

One thought on “Introduction of piano lessons brings new opportunities for students interested in instrumental music

  1. I think it’s awesome that girls are now able to learn piano in school. Knowing how to read and write music can open up so many opportunities in music and other areas. It’s great to hear that girls are able to learn such an important skill!


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