Non-teaching staff members enjoy benefits of the Marian community along with a flexible schedule

By J1 Reporter Madison Shaffar

Out of all the staff members at Marian, only 51 of them actually teach classes. That leaves 45 other employees to perform a variety of tasks, such as working in the business office or student services and helping out in the parking lot. 

Many of these non-teaching employees have the opportunity to work a flexible schedule, leaving time for their families, hobbies, and other obligations. Mrs. Nicole Kuehl is an advancement associate who works in the business and advancement department. Along with spending time with her family, she enjoys being outside with her dog, reading, and watching old movies. Her favorite thing about having a flexible schedule is having the opportunity to be there for her young kids.

Kuehl originally came back to Marian in 2014 after graduating in 2000 to coach the Reserve and eventually JV volleyball team. “I love being a part of this open and supportive community,” she said. Now that she is done coaching, she is still happy to work in the office and be a part of the daily life at Marian, as well as have more free time for her family.

Mrs. Nicole Kuehl and her family at a Creighton volleyball game. Photo courtesy of Kuehl.

Kuehl also loves the connections that come with being a part of the Marian community. She loves seeing alumni wherever she goes and being able to sit down and help prospective families with registration. Being able to experience life at Marian without necessarily working in a classroom allows Kuehl to interact more with the people around her, which she loves.

Being a mom of three with two children under 5 years old gets very busy, so she is happy to be able to drop them off at and pick them up from school. She is able to stay home when one of the kids is sick or needs her around. Her flexible schedule is “very helpful with a young family,” Kuehl said.

Kuehl also has a daughter, Mia Wilson, who is a senior at Marian this year. Kuehl loves that she gets to see her daughter so often while she is at work. “Mia comes up and says hi every day I am here and gives a quick hug,” Kuehl said. 

Some teenage girls might not love seeing their moms at school every day, but that’s not the case for Wilson. She says that she “loves having my mom in the building; it is more comforting knowing that she is here to talk in person if I ever need her.” She says there’s never been a moment where it feels weird to see her mom around the school.

Kuehl is thankful that she has the ability to give her daughter a ride to school whenever the morning gets stressful or when the roads get icy in the winter. It makes her feel better to be available whenever a problem comes up.

Kuehl’s main responsibilities at Marian include: organizing the Walk-A-Thon and the new athletic annex donations, preparing for the annual “Marian Fest,” and meeting with incoming families during Open House and freshman registration to discuss tuition assistance opportunities.

Kuehl is just one of the many staff members at Marian who have jobs that might go unnoticed by students. These people work tirelessly to keep the building running smoothly behind the scenes while still enjoying the benefits of a flexible schedule that allows them to enjoy some free time with their families. It is important to not forget about the adults in the building like Kuehl who bring their energy and care to the Business and Advancement Office every day and help the community thrive.

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