Hanging holiday lights brings Christmas spirit

 Column by J1 reporter Maggie Tynan

Meeting with Maggie

A couple nights ago, I came home to zero Christmas lights outside my house though I thought my dad had spent the whole day putting them up. I got very upset because seeing the Christmas lights made me so happy and they were not up this year.  

After I yelled at my dad for a while and told him how angry I was, he decided that if I was that passionate, he would put them up. He still hasn’t. But he said he will this weekend so I offered to help and I hope it actually happens. 

I think everyone should put Christmas lights up during the holiday season. They should go up the day after Thanksgiving and be taken down as late as mid January! The winter season is when it starts to get dark earlier and all the Christmas lights brighten up the dark streets. The earlier you put up lights, the happier it can make you and everyone else that gets to enjoy them. I find Christmas lights put you in a happy holiday mood. 

One of my favorite things to do during Christmas is drive around and enjoy all the houses that take the time to put up beautiful Christmas lights. My family and I get hot chocolate, load up in our conversion van, and drive around to all the best decorated in Omaha. Some of our favorites are Linden Estates and Fairacres. 

Even though our Christmas lights are not up outside, my house is fully decorated inside. I love hanging lights in my room as well as putting a mini Christmas tree in there. It lights up my room and puts me more in the Christmas spirit. 

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