Thompson shares insight on assistant coaching role

By J1 reporter T’Kaia Butler 

Coach Eric Thompson, better known as Mr. Thompson will be returning as the assistant Varsity basketball coach for Marian’s 2022-2023 season. “ This year we have a really good group of kids!” He is very excited to work with all the teams this season.

Coach Eric Thompson getting ready for after school basketball practice. Photo by T’Kaia Butler

Almost 40 girls decided to try out for the team this year. Coach Thompson works with all three teams, reserve, junior varsity, and varsity. According to Coach Thompson the girls practice rigorously almost every day after school, five days a week. He is “excited to see how the team shapes out and how the girls play together during games,” he said.

As assistant coach, he works a lot with the technology aspect of the sport. He does the rostering, gathers stats about other teams, and does scouting. Sometimes he even helps with the filming of the games. All of these things are very important to the team’s success. Another thing he does as the assistant coach is to be “present at practice, offer critiques and criticism, and make sure players are working hard. 

Thompson’s own daughter, Aubrey Thompson ‘25 is playing on the varsity basketball team this year and had this to say about playing with her dad. “ I love getting to play my favorite sport with my biggest supporter as my coach. It’s awesome having my dad right by my side.”

Coach Thompson also enjoys sharing his love for basketball with his daughter. “It’s fun and it’s super rewarding.” He said they talk about it all the time in the car, and at home. It helps them to have something to relate and talk about. It can be hard being her coach and her dad because he is “harder on her because he holds her to a high standard” he said. 

The team’s first game was Thursday, Dec. 1 in Kearney. They lost 39-45, but had a great time playing together as a team. He is most excited to see the girls grow and make individual progress. Coach Thompson is a great example of a role model in and outside of the classroom

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