Coach Tvrdy motivates athletes in classroom, on basketball court

By NoraCorrigan

Head coach for the varsity basketball team, Mr. Tom Tvrdy joined Marian full time this year as a social studies teacher. Tvrdy first became a part of the Marian community during the 2021-22 basketball season. This year, he hopes that his presence in the building full-time will offer players a chance to know him as a teacher and as a coach. 

Head basketball coach Mr. Tom Tvrdy explains new drill to Marian’s varsity basketball team. The team has been busy preparing for their season. Photo by NoraCorrigan.

Prior to teaching at Marian, Tvrdy had a successful run as the head basketball coach at Seward High School, earning the school four consecutive state titles. However, when he made the move to Omaha, Tvrdy found that “it was a pretty easy decision to make the switch when the opportunity was here.” 

Just within the four months that he has been teaching at Marian, the communication and connection between him and the basketball team has significantly improved. “Time spent and being around players allows for connection at a better level. I’ve always said that, and it’s really important to me as a coach.” 

What Tvrdy values most about his transition from the court to the classroom is the Marian atmosphere. “There’s a culture of positivity that you can feel throughout Marian. Students are always cheering one another on and that really stands out to me.”

After his first year coaching, Tvrdy is ready to take the next step. “The first year is the hardest because you have to establish all the foundational and cultural expectations. I’m really looking forward to benefiting from building upon what we’ve established and improving overall.” 

On Nov. 14-15, 44 girls tried out for the 2022-23 basketball season. Tvrdy is excited for the season and to continue building relationships with players both on the court and in the classroom. The varsity basketball team opened their season against Kearney on Dec. 2. They will play again at Marian on Friday, Dec. 9 at 7:15 p.m. and on Saturday Dec.10 at 2:45 p.m.  

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