Spotify Wrapped doesn’t have to be your identity

By NoraCorrigan

While there are many gifts given and received during the month of Dec., among the most anticipated is Spotify Wrapped. Spotify Wrapped is an annual accumulation of the top songs, top artists, top podcasts, top genres and a general overview of everything you might have listened to on Spotify from Jan. 1-Oct. 31. It’s basically a way to show off your superb music taste, or otherwise reflect on that time you got really into the “Newsies” musical and somehow ended up as their number one listener for the year. Either way, the day that Spotify Wrapped drops is a much awaited time of year.

Data source: Network November Google survey with 149 student responses. Infographic by NoraCorrigan

Although it’s fun to reminisce on the year based on your musical appetite, some people compare their Spotify Wrapped results to their level of coolness. For example, we all know that one person who’s really into indie music and listens to bands that the rest of us wouldn’t know because they’re “underground.” When their Spotify Wrapped comes out, we never hear the end of it. Like, yes Becky, of course you’re in White Dresser’s 0.1% of listeners because they only have 200 monthly listeners.

At the same time, there are people who use their Spotify Wrapped statistics to make fun of other people’s listening habits, too. I have to admit that out of my top 5 genres for 2021, Irish Folk took fifth place. Is that slightly embarrassing? Absolutely. But, there are people who would see that and make fun of me just because they were in the top percent of listeners for Taylor Swift, meaning their listening habits are obviously cooler or even superior.

Spotify Wrapped is not meant to be a display of the best of the best music tastes. It’s a fun way to look back on what you were listening to at the start of the year versus how you ended the year. Additionally, don’t let others poke fun at you, and don’t be the person who makes fun of other for their listening habits. Yes, I am slightly embarrassed to have listened to Irish Folk so much so that it made my top five genres, but if you heard “What’s the Rumpus” by Gaelic Storm, Irish Folk would be in your top genres, too.

Spotify released their listeners’ 2022 Spotify Wrapped statistics. The newest edition to Spotify Wrapped was the introduction of listeners’ ‘listening personalities.’ According to TechCrunch, this new addition was inspired by the Myers-Briggs personality test.

Listeners were given their own personalities based on their listening habits with four letters that identify just exactly what you are according to your music taste.

I was a Maverick, with my four letter combination as ETLU. E for exploration, T for timeless, L for loyalty and U for uniqueness. My listening habits remain pretty consistent throughout the year, and, according to my Spotify Wrapped, I “frolic in that side stream.” In other words, it is no coincidence that I always end up with show tunes on my top genre list, despite my continual denial of listening to any songs from “Hamilton.”

When you see your Spotify Wrapped, just enjoy the music habits you have or haven’t listened to over the year and share it with friends because it makes you smile, not because you want to prove how much cooler your music taste is. Also, make sure to give your Apple Music friends a hug during this time their social media feeds will be filled with nothing but endless slides of Spotify Wrapped screenshots.

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