Snow Brings Joy to the World

Column by J1 Reporter Reagan Graeve

Reagan’s Register

Every winter night when I go to bed I hope I wake up to a snow day. The pile of my blankets encases me in the warmth of my bed. My mother sneaks in. I can see a stream of light peak through the door with my tired half-open eyes. With a soft voice she tells me I have a snow day. I smile. Feeling the warmth around me, I am grateful. 

It’s the day everyone, old or young, awaits when the weather turns cold. Children and parents repeatedly check the news for any signs that school is canceled. To make the chances of a snow day even higher, snow day rituals such as flushing ice down the toilet, wearing pajamas backwards, and doing dances to the “snow gods” are performed.

During the 2020 to 2022 school year, it was rumored snow days would disappear. After Covid-19 hit, the dynamic of schools changed tremendously through the use of online learning. Eventually online learning made its way into snow days. Instead of sleeping in or playing in the snow, students were expected to log into Zoom to resume class. 

Although online days instead of snow days were established to keep schools on track, I found it ineffective. Like students, teachers want their day off too. They would tell their students to log off, only marking their attendance. Everyone deserves a break and a day to enjoy some hot coco.

Growing up in the Midwest, I’ve watched the snow lightly fall on the ground every winter, and it has always been my favorite type of weather. Waking up to the once barren nature of fall to be covered in a blanket of brilliant white snow brings back the joy of childlike curiosity. The frosty layer added to everything in sight is surreal, and nothing is more beautiful than when the light from the moon or sun hits the snow. A million sparkles appear. 

 Snow days are something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. They give the opportunity to admire beauty in the simplicity of nature. Snowball fights and creating forts are free for everyone to take part in. After the sun fades, the festivities are over, and I’ve had my last sip of hot chocolate, I go outside one more time. When the night sky turns a light gray color and the fallen snow muffles every sound, it’s the most peaceful moment of the whole year. 

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