JEA Nebraska Winter 2023 Awards Announced

Congratulations to the following journalism students who were recognized in the 2023 Winter JEA Nebraska Awards.

Literary MagazineSuperiorBurn – Fall 2022Marian
YB Sports Feature WritingSuperiorMaddie BalusMarian 
Editorial WritingSuperiorMegan SchneiderMarian
InDepth Newspaper CoverageExcellentCeci Urbanski, Reagan Rosenbaum & Elsa JurrensMarian
Newspaper LayoutExcellentCecilia UrbanskiMarian
AdvertisingExcellentCecilia UrbanskiMarian 
Photo/Artistic IllustrationExcellentEva KrienerMarian
Headline WritingExcellentHannah CusickMarian
Column WritingExcellentMargaret CusickMarian
YB Sports Feature WritingExcellentNatalie BullockMarian 
Graphic Illustration/InfographicExcellentNora CorriganMarian
NP Sports Feature WritingExcellentNora CorriganMarian
Photo/Artistic IllustrationHonorable MentionCeci UrbanskiMarian
InDepth Newspaper CoverageHonorable MentionCeci Urbanski, Elissa Eisele, Megan Schneider & Tyler RaikarMarian
Editorial CartooningHonorable MentionCecilia UrbanskiMarian
YB Theme Copy WritingHonorable MentionCourtney LongMarian
NP Sports Feature WritingHonorable MentionElla PlankMarian
Broadcast PSAHonorable MentionEllie SmithMarian
NP Feature WritingHonorable MentionKyra McFaddenMarian
YB Feature WritingHonorable MentionMaddia GroffMarian 
YB Theme DevelopmentHonorable MentionMarianMarian
Broadcast ProgramHonorable MentionMarian M-Beat (Mariella Virgillito, Mia Butler, Ruthie Barrett, Madi Shaffar)Marian
Broadcast NewsHonorable MentionMartha Engel & Lily BiggsMarian
Broadcast NewsHonorable MentionMia Butler & Mariella VirgillitoMarian
Entertainment Review WritingHonorable MentionNina McMullenMarian
Headline WritingHonorable MentionNina McMullenMarian
Entertainment Review WritingHonorable MentionNora CorriganMarian
NP Sports News WritingHonorable MentionReagan RosenbaumMarian 
Broadcast FeatureHonorable MentionShelby Gerken & Ellie PeterMarian

BURN MAGAZINE STAFF members will get their certificates at their selection meeting in February.

Congratulations to these journalism students and all their classmates for creating award-winning publications this fall.

Please feel free to leave your congrats in the comments below!

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