‘Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me’ teaches important life lessons

Review by EllaPlank

Image Source: Apple TV Press+

Society puts so much pressure on artists to act as if their lives are perfect. However, in reality many musicians struggle with meeting their fans’ expectations. Artisits feel like these struggles are supposed to be hidden and not revealed to the public.

Selena Gomez did not want to hide her difficulties anymore. She wanted to reveal her own personal struggles and did so in her documentary called “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me” which is available to watch on Apple TV as of Nov. 4.

Gomez opens up about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the effects it has had on her relationships, her singing and acting career and herself. She also explains her journey of dealing with lupus, an autoimmune disease that attacks the tissues in the body, on a daily basis and the risks it entails.

It is not even a question that in this documentary she establishes the fact that artists’ lives are nowhere near perfect.

She demonstrates to viewers her shift in her mindset from the beginning of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and lupus to now. At first, she saw these health problems as a reason why she isn’t good enough.

Throughout the course of the documentary, she is able to have a shift in mindset and discover that “everything that I have gone through, it’s gonna be there. I’m just making it my friend now,” Gomez said.

I love how she uses her struggles to her advantage instead of using them as an excuse to not live her life to the fullest. Due to this, I was able to realize how Gomez is genuine and real; I felt like I was her friend supporting her along her journey.

Gomez fans may also be familiar with her best friend since the start of her music career, Taylor Swift. Compared to Swift’s 202 documentary, “Miss Americana,” I believe Gomez provides more of a message that is relevant to all people. Gomez has a definite purpose in making her documentary, but I think Swift’s documentary does not have an overall message, she is trying to get to all types of people.

Gomez discovers that one of her purposes of still being here today is to share her story to help others. Despite the constant voice in her head telling her that she isn’t capable, she is now able to fight that voice and tell herself she just needs to be her authentic self.

This is an inspiring message to people of all ages because instead of just dealing with your struggles, you can use them to positively impact your life. If anyone would like to explore a personal story that will change your outlook regarding life, you should watch “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.”

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