No need for snowball fighting at Winter Formal, only dancing like nobody’s watching

Ellie Stricklett ’23 and Vanessa Wagstaff ’23 dance the night away at Winter Formal. The dance brought in 332 people on Jan. 14. Photo by TylerRaikar.


Sophomores, juniors and seniors look forward to the annual Winter Formal dance to get them out of the winter blues. The excitement of choosing a dress, going to dinner, taking pictures and attending post dance events give girls an excuse to take a much needed break from their studies during the coldness and darkness of winter. 

The detailed planning of this dance is solely student-based and done by the juniors on Student Board (StuBo), Madeline Wear, Ashley Mercer, Julia Trainer and Maddie Smith.

These four members decided everything from the theme to the decorations. They started the in-depth planning process and chose the theme before Christmas break. Then, over Christmas break, they figured out the tiny details that made the dance so special. “StuBo picks a theme that the whole student body would want and enjoy,” junior Ashley Mercer said.  This makes the night more memorable for the students and their guests.

They made sure that the theme was not a theme to dress to, so students can express themselves through choosing an outfit that represents them. Mercer said that this year’s theme of Marian Snowball “fits the season of winter with the blue and silver colors and the snowflake decorations.” 

The decorations all throughout the Quad and gym are picked out by these juniors. The goal of the decorations for this year was to give an aesthetic that fit the season of winter. Junior Stubo members are required to set up, but all other StuBo members are encouraged to help.

Members decorated the Quad the day of the dance which was Jan. 14, starting at 8 a.m. This day was also the morning of the 8th grade placement exam which took place from 8 a.m. to noon. StuBo members had to decorate while the exam was occurring which made the process even harder. This is due to the fact they had to be super quiet to not distract future Marian students while they were testing. After all their hard work, they get to have fun at the dance because the freshmen StuBo members and Class Officers, who worked the coat check during the dance, cleaned up after the event was over.

Many sophomores look forward to Winter Formal because it is one of their beginning steps in becoming an upperclassman. “I enjoy dances because it’s a time when everyone can be goofy in one big environment,” sophomore Greta Justice said. “Getting ready for dances with your friends by doing each other’s hair and make-up is such a fun experience.”

 The preparation for dances is what makes these events even more enjoyable. “Winter Formal gave me an opportunity to get dressed up and get together with all of my friends,” sophomore Lucy Gerraughty said.

A total of 332 students attended the dance. Tickets were sold for $15 per person the week of Winter Formal and $20 per person at the door. 

Marian dances can usually guarantee an event that all your friends can attend, which is an unusual circumstance for Marian girls. This makes the occasion even more meaningful. It is a night that guarantees an experience that will never be forgotten.

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