Bench warming provides essential life, teamwork skills

Column by ElsaJurrens

A team can only be as good as their weakest link. Everyone dreams of starting on their high school sports team. Shooting the winning basket, scoring the winning goal, or hitting the walk off home run is a dream every kid grows up with. Yet not everyone’s role is the same on a team. While every team needs it’s starting players, benchwarmers are just as important. Benchwarmers bring the energy game-in and game-out. They set the mojo for the entire game. Benchwarmers put in the work, encouraging their teammates, eliminating any negative body language or comments, and are always mentally and physically prepared to help their teammates when the opportunity arrives.

Most underclassmen are taken off guard when they begin high school athletics. Transitioning from being a key player on their middle school team to riding the bench on their high school team can be a drastic change.

Though this change may be disappointing to some, bench warming can have a positive impact on players. Benchwarming humbles players, makes players work harder, and gives them time to learn about leadership.

All humans have a habit of believing the world revolves around them. Humans get caught up in their own lives and well-being. By riding the bench, players learn not to only highlight their own strengths, but how to work as a team to highlight others. By riding the bench, athletes begin to understand the true meaning of teamwork.

Throughout the season, most benchwarmers are putting in just as much effort and work as most starters. Starters are pushed by benchwarmers and vice versa. By watching on the bench, athletes can obtain different viewpoints, and grow as an individual and in the sport.

Finally, benchwarmers learn leadership skills that will last a lifetime. The athletes that cheer from the sidelines have a huge impact on the morale of the whole team. They can lift the team up or pull the team down.

A true leader, whether on or off the bench, will make the difference and make sure everyone is supported and included.

It’s not always about being the best player on the team, instead it’s about being the best teammate. While benchwarmers might not always get the glory, they learn important lessons about life.

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