Meredith’s Photo Portfolio

By JI Photographer Meredith Britson

Portrait of a person

Lexi smiling with a kiss

The environment:

Toadstool in Chadron

Sports / action photo 1:

Head to head

Freshman Keely Robbins and senior Persephone Prochaska practice their wrestling skills after school in the recently purchased building in lower lot on Jan. 25. The building was purchased by Marian in hopes of remodeling it, but they are awaiting donations.

Sports / action photo 2:

Eyes on the ball

Junior Abby Konecky serves the ball for her team during the teacher versus student volleyball game for Catholic Schools Week. She focuses on the ball as she gears up to serve in hopes of pushing her team towards the win.

News / feature photo:  

Dumplings for New Years

Mandarin teacher Ms. WenLi Rapkin teaches seniors Colette Lawler and Ceci Urbanski how to make dumplings in the cafeteria during study halls. It was a fun way to celebrate Chinese New Years for not only Mandarin students, but all the students.  

Light / shadow photo:  

Scrumptious treats

Advertising photo:  

Union Pacific

Pet or animal portrait:


Academic moment:


Junior Elise Rose uses a serrated rib, a rubber rib and a paintbrush to clean up her sculpture in her Block C pottery class. Rose was working on sculpting a plate she can use to store her jewelry. 

Marian Spirit:

Artist in our midst 

Sophomore Sofia Shoemaker painted a picture in her Block C art class on Jan. 20 in Ms. Esther Hamra’s Art Foundations class. She concentrated on her art work as she used watercolors to fill in the design.  

Emotional response:  

Screaming Sophomore

Sophomore Ellie Brabec cheers on her grade during the student teacher volleyball game in the East Gym for Catholic Schools Week. She was extremely enthusiastic and her energy rubbed off on her fellow students. 

Ethics Statement: I believe that my role as a journalist and photographer is to represent and portray my subjects in an honest viewpoint with their consent.

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