Mia Butler’s Portfolio


Katie Prosser.


Fruit stand in Paris, France.

Sports Action

No Limits Dance Member. No Limits Dance team guest performs at Marian High School for the cheer and dance showcase on Jan. 20. No Limits preformed a hip-hop routine filled with attitude, momentum, and energy.

News/ Feature
Celebrating Lunar New Year. Junior Maya Zier practices making dumplings during her Mandarin III class on Jan. 23. The Mandarin class hand-filled the dough with veggies and pork.

Light/ Shadow

Hand shadow on wall.


Shop HyVee.

Pet Portrait


Academic Moment

Eager to learn. Junior Ruthie Barrett raises her hand during Honors Spanish III class on Feb. 14. Asking questions is the typical form of class participation used in the Spanish classrooms.

Marian Core Value

Friends forever. Taylor Roemmich, Caitlyn Dunham, Lauren Militti, and McKenna Stover exemplify community as they study together during Block E study hall in the Quad. Girls use this time to do homework and connect with each other.

Emotional Response

Smiling for Surprise Day. Junior Cassie Bauer smiles wearing her bunny face paint after having a fun day at school on Feb. 27. The line for face painting took over an hour, proving it was a popular activity.

Photo Ethics Statement

As a photographer I strive to capture genuine moments that show the reality of environments, emotions and people. My focus is to represent everyone accordingly, with consent, through morals about the circumstance, timing and intentions. I understand the magnitude of influence a photo can provide: an image can determine an opinion, bring a variety of emotions, provide witness and insight, impact one’s perspective, and lastly, impact the world. Therefore, knowing all these realities of photography, I promise to never alter any aspects of my photos. My photos are moments. Good moments, bad moments, happy moments, tragic moments. All real moments. My photos uphold the integrity of my ethics. My photos represent truth, and with that, I pledge honesty with every moment shot.

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