Mia Ramirez’s Photo Portfolio



The Environment

Sunset at Westside

Action photo


Luis Ramirez pushes until the very end of his cycling race in San Diego, California in July of 2022. While feeling the nerves with one lap to go, the adrenaline pump gave him the instincts that told him it was his chance to win.



Principal Susie Sullivan and President Michelle Ernst share a laugh after participating in the Splash Walk-A-Thon dunk contest Sept. 30. The two bundled up in towels after celebrating Ernst’s first Walk-A-Thon celebration.


Sammy’s 21st birthday cake


Gelato in Avignon, France





Tappers learn a new routine during tap/ballet with Ms. Madeline Reddel. Tap/Ballet is taught by Ms. Reddel and she made this combo for students to learn herself!

Marian Spirit


Ellie Brabec ‘25 and Lucy Ambrose ‘25 dance together as they take on the rest of the night grooving, and busting a move. The two sophomores showcase their spirit at Marian’s 2022 Gnimocemoh dance.

Emotional Response


Juniors Sydney Auman ‘24 and Abby Konecky ‘24 jump for joy while celebrating with the rest of their class on Sep 30th. After receiving 2nd place in Walk-A-Thon juniors celebrate by sharing big smiles and jumping high.

Ethics Statement:

As a photographer I intend to showcase positive memories, tell deeper stories, and impact the world around me. Through my photographs I hope to make others feel something, and inspire creative thoughts.

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