Amber Johanek Portfolio Pictures


Jadin Martinez ’24


Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO

Sports and Action

To the Basket: Number 23, Will Boone, dribbles at a basketball game against Elkhorn Flight on Sunday, Feb. 12. Boone plays for the JCC basketball team.


Pick your Path: Marian held a career fair on Tuesday, Feb. 28, where many companies came to represent their company and help students pick their career path. Christel Lare ‘24 talked to ROAR Beauty about Beauty school.

Light and Shadow

Talent on Parade Dance Competition, Des Moines, IA


Ice Cubes peppermint gum


Miles, a miniature poodle


Creating Art: Tristin Turco ‘23 and Meghan Bartness ‘23 work during pottery class at Marian High School. These girls are seniors working during their last semester.

Marian Spirit

Marian Merchandise: At the BLUEtique, Marian classic hoodies are sold to students, parents, and other Marian fans. The BLUEtique is located in the Quad at Marian and also does online orders.

Emotional Response

Cheer on your class: At the Catholic Schools Week volleyball game, Grace Sparwasser ‘24 cheers on her selected classmates playing in the game. The volleyball game was faculty vs. students.

Ethics Statement: As a photographer, I take pictures to capture moments in time so they will not be forgotten. These pictures can be happy or horrifying moments in time. Capturing moments in time at different angles can help reveal the true emotion or mood of the picture. I believe every picture has a story to tell and every picture means something to someone.

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