Maggie Tynan’s Portfolio

1 Portrait of a person

Grace Tynan and Charlie Timm
Grace Tynan

2 The Environment

Arnolds Park, Okoboji IA

3 Action Photo

Smiling on the Surfboard: Luke Tynan surfs behind a boat in Browns Bay on Lake Okoboji during summer 2022. Surfing is one of Tynan’s favorite summer activities.
Shredding the Gnar: Luke Tynan shreds the wave behind a boat in Browns Bay on Lake Okoboji. Tynan loves showing off his tricks over the summer.

4 News/ Feature Photo

Calling The Play: Marian Varsity Volleyball head coach, Mr. Jake Moore, calls the play from the bench. The varsity volleyball team took the win over Lincoln North Star in their first round district game on Oct. 25.

5 Light/ Shadow Photo

CHI Health Center, Omaha NE

6 Advertising Photo

Royal Canin Dog Food

7 Pet Portrait


8 Academic Moment

Dialed in: Sophomore Ava Mueller works on her spackle project in Ms. Ester Hamra’s Art II. Mueller loves to work with new mediums.

9 Marian Spirit

Touch! The Marian Varsity Volleyball bench celebrates after a touch is called in their game against Lincoln North Star on Oct. 25. The team eventually qualified for state and played at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

10 Emotional Response

Halftime Pep Talk: Junior Madison Stover is angry with the way the Marian JV basketball team was playing in their game against Millard South on Feb. 14. Stover focuses in while listening to their head coach, Cassie Jones, give them tips on how to improve second half.

Ethics Statement: As a photographer, I strive to capture real and raw emotions while respecting the privacy of everyone. I find it important to photograph genuine moments and memories that people can cherish forever. It is important that my photographs are not influenced by anything other than the truth and what is actually happening.

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