Photos Captured by Caitlyn


Jaelynn Williams.


Rosy Periwinkles outside Marian.


Kickball Queen: Ashley Herrera ‘24 plays kickball on Jan 27. Herrera was joined by students from various grades in her Team Sports class taught by Mrs. Beth Dye.


Talks with Tvrty: Players McKenna Stover ‘24, Ashley Wilwerding ‘23, Anna Cramer ‘25, Paige Miller ‘26, and Maggie Tynan ‘24 are in a timeout during their district semi-final game against Gretna on Feb. 22. The stress was high in the final moments of the game. Crusaders finished the game down 24 points.

Light& Shadow

The Lumineers concert.


Converse trio.


Fish in West Point, New York.

Academic Moment

Don’t Drop the Dumplings!: Madison Terranova ‘24 uses her chopsticks to eat dumplings with the help of Mandarin teacher Mrs. WenLi Rapkin on Jan 23. Rapkin shared how to prepare and cook the perfect dumpling in celebration of the Lunar New Year that took place on Jan. 22.

Marian Spirit

Say “Ahhh”: Aliah Karimjee ‘24 feeds a dumpling to Ellie Royal ‘24 on Jan. 23 with students from various classes including Journalism, Study Hall, and Mandarin. These girls loved trying out food during the celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Emotional Response

Say “What?!”: T’Kaia Butler ‘24 and Tee Kuon ‘24 are utterly shocked on Jan. 23. They were prepping the dumplings to have them ready to be cooked and enjoyed for the celebration of the Lunar New Year.

When doing photography, I try to get to know the energy in the environment I am in. When I accomplish this, I can understand when the big moments will be and where I should aim my lens so that I can capture the best pictures. I try to blend in as best I can so that I can catch the most raw emotions and actions. If I fail to blend in with the crowd, I can unknowingly capture fake or exaggerated moments, which is not my goal in photography. 

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