My J1 Portfolio

By Madison Shaffar

Portrait of a Person

John Schroeder


Shadow Ridge Country Club


Toss It Up
Senior Ally Ravnsborg practices her tennis skills at Shadow Ridge Country Club. Ravsnborg doesn’t play seriously, but enjoys getting outside and playing a sport that she hasn’t played before.


Halftime Chat
Principal Susie Sullivan smiles while talking with the senior Student Board members during the “students vs. staff volleyball game” on Jan. 31 while the senior and teacher teams shake hands. The four members of the Board, along with Ms. Jessica Abel and Mrs. Beth Dye, planned the exciting Catholic Schools Week event for the student body and staff to enjoy.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City


Bucatini pasta with pomodoro sauce from Eataly in New York City

Pet Portrait


Academic Moment

Fully Focused
Mrs. Ashley Bauer’s Pottery II class focuses during their work time. The student’s formed and designed small plates to showcase their creativity and use of different materials.

Marian Spirit

All Hail!
Marian girls hold up their fists at the end of the Marian Fight Song. The Marian cheerleaders led the student body in the song at the end of the Swimming and Diving Team’s trophy presentation ceremony held on Feb. 28.

Emotional Response

Clapping Along
The juniors end their class mass by clapping to their class song, You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home by Hannah Montana. Their Class Officers planned the mass and held it on Sept. 22.

My Statement of Ethics:

As a photographer, I strive to find creative angles and genuine emotions to capture from the subjects I photograph. I think it is important to capture the moment as I see it, and take advantage of any opportunity I have to preserve an experience through a photo.

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