Journalism I – Photo Portfolios & Photo Projects of early Spring 2023

Check them out!

Click on “Photo Gallery” in the top menu bar or “Online Exclusives” to see their Top 10 photos.

You can also search by the name of a photographer or a topic that just might be in the photos.

Please LIKE the student work and comment if you have a favorite or appreciate their efforts!

The Journalism I students have also created Posters of Inspiration using photos they’ve taken. Please check them out. If you’d like to purchase an 11×17 glossy photo paper version of a poster, please email and let us know which one(s). Posters are $5 so that we can cover the cost of the ink and paper!

(if you can’t see them well enough, click in the middle for FULL SCREEN or go to issuu directly)

The Journalism I girls are also on a mission to help every classroom and office at Marian display the CORE VALUES. Check out these posters and let us know if you want one of them for your space. Every Marian staff member can have one free Core Value poster, but it will be printed on regular paper. If you want to laminate it, you may do so on your own. If you want it printed on photo paper, the cost will be the same as the Inspirational Posters above. Staff will be sent a google form to order one, but anyone else can order by emailing

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