Lilly’s Photo Portfolio

By J1 reporter Lilly McAndrews


Novo Amor


The city of Paris, France.


Pre-game hand shakes. Paige Miller and Marian Varsity Basketball get prepared to battle Westside for the War-Sader Shield on Jan 25. Marian, unfortunately lost to Westside after a close game.


Surprise! Juniors Gracie Lampert and Madison Stover, run back to the fun after grabbing mini donuts for a quick refuel on Marian’s Surprise Day, Feb 27. The day was a success filled with a lot of surprises.

Gregory Alan Isakov concert


Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe in Chicago, Illinois


Seagulls in Florida

Academic Moment

Concentration. Anne Stessman ’25 works hard to finish her optical illusion assignment in Ms. Hamra’s Art Foundations class.

Marian Spirit
You scream, we all scream! Marian’s student section yells in unison to get the basketball team pumped up. 27 students came together to support their classmates, show Marian community, and display sisterhood. Marian pulled in front for the lead as they headed in for halftime.

Emotional Response

Did she make it? Marian student section watches in anticipation as Varsity basketball shoots a free throw to get the lead against their rivals, Westside. Marian scored the points, but ended up losing in the end.

Ethics Statement

As a photographer I try to capture moments that tell a story. I never take photos that are unethical, or seem as if I am trying to alter reality. My photographs grasp true moments and emotions in the present time, while telling a story. Photography is an escape to show expression and should always be done in an honest light. I aspire to show integrity by showing the real meaning behind my photos

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