Ellie Peter’s Photo Portfolio

Portrait of a Person

Lucy Sturek. Finally the Dancing Queen.


Haleakalā, Maui. The Sun Rises Again.


Take Down. Keely Robbins and Percy Prochaska hit the mats for wrestling practice after school. Robbins is a freshman on the team, and Prochaska is a senior.


Happiness is Art. Mrs. Ashley Bauer teaches her Block C pottery class. Bauer and her students enjoyed a laugh over the clay.


Benjamin Russin


The Ordinary

Pet Portrait


Academic Moment

Painting in Progress. Senior Gigi Shoemaker perfects a painting in her Art 1 class. The Block C class was as focused as could be. Freshman Jasmina Kleensang concentrated in the background.

Marian Core Value

Heart Full of Marian. Marian girls wear the Marian uniform with pride. The emblem has been carried by Marian girls since the school was founded in 1955 although it has gone through a few updates over the years.

Emotional Response

Laughter is the Best medicine. Abi Howard finds something to laugh about at her friend’s birthday dinner. A nice meal accompanied the jokes.

Ethics Statement:

I strive to tell a complete and true story through my photos. All my photos are my own, and are my memories and stories, as well as the subjects photographed. I take pride in my pictures and have taken them all in honesty and good morals.

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