Dairy Chef: The inside scoop


Elkhorn’s Dairy Chef is the perfect place to have a sweet treat in west Omaha during the months of March through October. The store officially reopened for business this year on March 14, and people are immensely excited about it.

     Originally opened in 1969, the popular store was first known as Dairy Sweet. Through decades and name changes, you can expect great food and service. Located at 3223 N 204th Street, Dairy Chef draws a crowd. More than 30 people came, ordered, and left with great food on the 50 degree Wednesday night that I went.

     Junior Madi Keasling just started working her first season there this March.  Working a seasonal job may be something that’s not for everyone, but Keasling said she loves it. 

     “Even though we are open during the school year it’s just for a few months, so there is not much stress between school and work. It also makes it fun because people are so eager to be there,” Keasling said. Keasling currently works 15 hours a week, and gets paid $10.50/hour. Dairy Chef is also hiring if you are interested in a great summer job. 

     Dairy Chef doesn’t have a traditional restaurant vibe, but that is not a bad thing. I ordered my food from a window, and then sat and ate my food and ice cream at a picnic table. It was really nice to be outside, and it was fun because you cannot get that experience at many other places.

     Keasling recommended the burgers, so of course I had to get one. I ordered the Garbage Burger, and it was amazing. It had everything imaginable on it, including a fried egg and bacon. Described as an “everything but the kitchen sink” burger, it was worth the $5.99 I paid for a single patty.

     For dessert I ordered their signature tower cone with twist ice cream. The tower cone comes in your classic soft serve flavors, and is about eight inches tall, so the $2.89 cone ensures you get a lot of bang for your buck. Even though it was a lot of ice cream I still enjoyed every bite of it.

     Dairy Chef is also known to have great dairy-free soft serve ice cream. As one of the few restaurants in Omaha that offers this, it has become popular among those who may have food allergies or restrictions. Other places you can get dairy-free ice cream include eCreamery, Coneflower and Ted and Wally’s. 

     “It’s not only dairy-free but also gluten-free and vegan! It’s hard to find anything that’s delicious and dairy free, so their variety of flavors keep me coming back for more,“ freshman Adrienne Ernst said. 

     If you are looking for great food, towering cones, dairy-free ice cream, and a fun environment, then Dairy Chef is for you. They receive my star of approval, and I 100% recommend you make the trip out to Elkhorn to give it a try.

All Smiles: Junior Rachel Buresh enjoys a tower cone from Dairy Chef. She went during April, and ate the treat with friends.

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