Concert ticket turmoil causes distress in fans

Opinion by Mia Ramirez


Sold out tickets, presales not working, and seven hours later I got my Christmas present : Taylor Swift tickets. Besides the obvious uproar  over Taylor Swift tickets, many artists have released their tour dates along with outrageous prices. Zach Bryan, Drake, Lizzo and obviously the queen herself Taylor Swift——have all had a showstopping year of new music along with on-going world tours. 

These artists all held presales for their tickets leaving only a few seats available for the remaining fans who were not as lucky to get early access. Drake’s It’s All A Blur Tour will be touring all over North America starting this summer. What’s not such a “rich flex” is that the lowest tickets start right at $300. Unfortunately that price leaves many broke teens (me) ticket-less and sad. 

I would not pay more than $250 for a concert ticket unless it was the show-stopping Rihanna. Unless I get a raise, I would not be able to afford anything higher. Millions of fans, including myself, have been upset about overpriced tickets and not being able to see their biggest childhood idols, so of course some artists spoke up. In response to the Ticketmaster mayhem, Taylor Swift came out with a second chance for fans to purchase tickets to see The Eras Tour. After this, many of my friends were able to find tickets. 

The best resolution I have for all this ticket price madness is to search for concerts that are around you and selling for a cheap price. Not to mention my own band, Us and Them will be performing all around the Omaha area this summer and P.S., all of our shows are free.

 I know I loved seeing Khalid, Jack and Jack, and other artists perform at smaller venues like The Waiting Room or The Slowdown. Prices tend to be lower for smaller venues, and also smaller artists. 

Although many of you do want to see Hotline Bling, and of course Lizzo feeling good as heck, sometimes my best resolution to concert FOMO is going to more reasonably priced events like MAHA, and other music festivals around the area.

If money wasn’t an object, 

who would you go see in concert?

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