Siblings in soccer come together on the field without rivalry


On the soccer field, whether together or on different teams, sisters come together. In Marian’s soccer program, there are two sets of twins: juniors Madison and McKenna Stover, and juniors Maya and Grace Simet, along with freshman little sisters: Cleo Washington and Kelsey Bragg, paired with junior big sisters: Rylie Washington and Anna Bragg.

Maya and Grace Simet both agree that being on the same Reserve team has brought them closer as both twins and teammates. “It’s a lot of fun playing on the same team, and we end up spending a lot more time together,” Maya said. Between driving to and from practice and games together and actually playing on the field, their relationship has grown. They spend a lot of time together despite soccer but playing together has given them opportunities to grow as individuals, teammates, and sisters.

While some siblings enjoy keeping their sports out of conversations, other siblings such as the Stovers and the Washingtons enjoy talking to their sister about how their respective games went and what they could do better in the future. “I like to get advice from McKenna because I respect her as an athlete and I know her main goal is to win, so I believe it is constructive criticism,” Madison said. McKenna plays on Marian’s varsity soccer team and is also a three sport athlete, playing basketball, running cross country, and of course, soccer.

Grace Simet ’24 and Maya Simet ’24 pose for a photo before Reserve Soccer takes on Millard North on April 11. Photo by CaitlynDunham

The Stover sisters not only play soccer together, but they also play on the same basketball team. “Our relationship has grown tremendously through basketball season and into soccer season. We get to spend a lot of time together playing the sports that we enjoy,” Madison said. Having time to play together on the same basketball team and then apart while playing soccer has given them room to give advice to each other when it is wanted, along with support cheering each other on.

Junior Rylie Washington and her sister, freshman Cleo, have a similar relationship to the Stovers on the topic of advice from their sibling. Different from the Stovers, who are twins on different teams, Rylie and Cleo are two years apart on different teams; Rylie is on Varsity and Cleo is on JV. “My favorite part of the day is definitely telling her [Rylie] how my practice or game went… she is always rooting for me no matter what,” Cleo said.

The Washingtons both spoke about how having the other watch their game is so special because they are “always so supportive,” Rylie said, and like a “built-in cheerleader,” Cleo said. They have a special bond because while one sister gets to have their own moment in the spotlight, the other has a chance to give her sister support on her achievements.

Same team or different, twins or not, soccer brings sisters together. Even if a specific team does not have sisters on it, playing a sport together makes a team a family. Marian’s soccer program is the perfect example of a group of determined players and teammates that come together as a family.

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