Hello—and goodbye, Adele

Opinion by J1 reporter Vienna Tang.

Sometimes I like to listen to music whilst I’m cruising down the streets, and once in awhile, a new song pops up and I’m like “Hey, this isn’t too bad!” Then I hear it again the next day, and get really excited because this song is really good. The third time I hear it, it’s on another channel. Now I’m really psyched ‘cause, holy moley, the radio stations are finally playing something half decent! Wow cool WOW!

not meThen a week rolls by. I turn on the radio in my car, and hear the same song again. It’s alright, but it’s lost its “newness” and I’m just sittin’ here saying, “still a good song, but I kinda wish they’d play something else.” So I do what every logical person would do: change the channel. Commercial. Change. Country music. Change. Another commercial. Change. THAT ONE SONG IS PLAYING ON THIS CHANNEL, TOO. Then at this time, it dawns on me, it’s going to be one of “those songs.” You know, the ones where you really like it in the beginning, but then everywhere you turn, everything you hear is that one song.

This song haunts my dreams. It plays in my head when I’m taking an AP chemistry test. My co-workers make memes about it at work. My brother sings it in the shower.

I am 100 and 10 percent DONE. I have no words for this atrocity. I can’t believe I use to like this song. I cannot run from it. It is everywhere. Thanks Adele. Thanks Obama. 

A month rolls by. I cautiously turn on the radio, praying to a higher power to bless me. My ear catches a new tune. And I praise Jesus. I promise to never do anything bad ever again and to pray every night before bedtime.

And hey, this song isn’t too bad! It’s actually pretty good…NOPE, just kidding, this is not going to happen again! Bye, Adele. Bye, Felicia.

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