‘Krampus’ not worth the money, but good laugh

J1 Review Writer, Brianna Wessling

If you like horror movies, I wouldn’t recommend seeing “Krampus.”

If you like Christmas movies, I wouldn’t recommend seeing “Krampus.”

If you like vaguely disturbing Christmas comedies dressed up as horror movies, then “Krampus” is the right movie for you.

Going into the movie, I thought it was intended to be a horror movie centered around the myth of Krampus, who is basically an evil Santa Claus complete with horns and hooves, but it’s extremely difficult for me to see it as one.

The movie, lasting only 98 minutes, tells the story of your typical dysfunctional family at Christmas time. At the center of it all is young Max (played by Emjay Anthony), a plucky, hopeful boy still enchanted by the wonders of Christmas time.

Amongst arguing parents (Adam Scott and Toni Collette), aggressive cousins, a grumpy, alcoholic Great Aunt (Conchata Ferrell), and a moody older sister (Stefania LaVie Owen), Max tries desperately to keep the Christmas spirit alive with the help of his grandmother (Krista Stadler).

For a while, he’s able to do this, but after one of his older cousins reads his incredibly personal letter to Santa aloud to the entire family, he’s completely given up on the holiday.

This is what summons the demon Krampus to the home. Krampus terrorizes the family using a variety of different methods, including a blizzard, possessed toys, and evil gingerbread men. That’s right, evil gingerbread men.

Highlights of the movie include watching Max’s Uncle Howard (David Koechner) defend himself from said gingerbread men with a shotgun, getting to see Max’s bratty cousin get swallowed whole by an evil clown monster, and watching the family defend itself from a possessed angel puppet. Probably the most frustrating part of the movie was the ending. I would almost recommend going to see the movie just so you can marvel at the ridiculousness of the ending of this movie.

“Krampus” is rated PG-13, but probably only so children don’t go home worried that a demonic Santa will be visiting them this year. The movie was released on Dec. 4 and is currently still playing at most theaters. However, I wouldn’t recommend spending your money to see it in a theater. Wait for Netflix, or Redbox, and watch it with some friends. It’s honestly a fun movie to see, as long as you don’t try to take anything too seriously. It’s ridiculous, it’s out there, and it’s funny. It’s not necessarily an amazing movie, but you’ll have a good time watching it. krampus

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