Junior artist uses talent and heART to help young girls


Three years ago art teacher Mrs. Ashely Bauer was a brand new addition to Marian faculty and staff.

Bauer had an idea that was bene cial to Marian recruit- ment and young female artists.

That’s when an Art I student of Bauer’s, Lauren Weis, came into the picture. Weis was a freshman at the time, and her experience of teaching art camps at her elementary school made Weis the perfect candidate for Bauer’s project.


Helping young hands: Lauren Weis ’17 (right) gives pointers at Marian’s I heART Art Workshops. Wes has been volunteering at Mrs. Ashley Bauer’s workshops for the past two summers, as well as once a week during the school year. Photo courtesy of Ashely Bauer

As middle school girls are very impressionable, Mrs. Bauer wanted a current Marian student to help show these young ladies what being a con dent, independent, thinking leader is all about.

She and Weis collaborated to make the project a success. That summer, Bauer put her plan in action and created the I heART Art Lessons for young female artists.

The girls, ages middle school and younger, participated in the workshops once a week for ten weeks during June and July. They improved on a variety of skills, from drawing, painting, pottery, and 2-D projects. e workshops are currently taking place every Tuesday.

“I just helped the girls the first year; last year Mrs. Bauer had me show them how to do a project. It’s mainly helping the girls with projects and having an actual student from Marian be able to talk about her experiences,” Weis said.

The girls participating in the art workshops aren’t the only ones learning to expand their imagination. Weis says these students have taught her to be more creative in her own artwork.

“The girls just do things that I wouldn’t think of doing, and it’s inspiring,” Weis said.

She said the girls’ projects during the year are completely random, while the summer workshops tend to be more structured. The artwork Weis has helped out with this school year is all over the board, from oil paintings of clownfish, dandelions, and snowy nights, to a recreation of a Hispanic tile.

The junior feels lucky to not only be a mentor, but she also loves to get the girls excited to be future Marian students.

The opportunity for these young ladies to express themselves through the workshops will be bene cial throughout their Marian experience. Weis plans to continue her involvement with Mrs. Bauer’s workshops. She hopes to minor in either studio art or art history, and feels lucky to be offered this opportunity.


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