Kellyn Daly: Feature Editor

IMG_0051Kellyn has been a true superstar on the softball field and in the journalism lab during her senior year at Marian.  She helped her Crusader Softball team to its first ever NSAA State Championship as the No. 1 pitcher in the state. It was a dream come true.  On the Network, she has been a dedicated reporter, master photographer, creative designer and a quietly efficient feature page editor.  She will be representing the Network staff at State Journalism in April in Column Writing, based on her preliminary entry sports column from the January issue.  It was a powerful personal column about the college athletic recruitment process.  She was actively recruited by a number of school and eventually chose North Carolina.  She will be attending there this fall on a full softball/academic scholarship.  But, it will be really impressive if she can bring home two state titles this year! On a more personal note, Kellyn likes the color of the sky right after sunset and the feel of soft blankets.  She loves to bake and enjoys time in the kitchen making goodies for others. She is well-rounded in terms of interests and abilities and well-grounded in faith and compassion.  She is a loyal friend and a humble servant leader.  In spite of being named a  Fall 2015 Nebraska’s Academic All State Award Winner, she is the best team player you could ask for! She said the will always remember the craziness of journalism worknights, and she loves the design aspect of the paper.  She is quick to recognize the efforts of others and one of the first to always say “Thank you.”  Kellyn is the kind of page editor who shows genuine appreciation for the reporters, designers and photographers on her page.  She even showed the ultimate dedication this year when she persevered to press while on pain meds for her wisdom teeth extraction. Kellyn’s experiences this year and development of professional skills will easily be carried forward in her next life challenges. Bio by mrskalkowski

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