Mrs. Marsha Kalowski: Journalism Adviser


Mrs. K’s senior portrait

“Morning! Welcome to another day of higher education.” Though these words originate from the 1986 film Pretty in Pink, a slight variation reaches the listening ears of the 2016 Network staff on the daily. “Happy [day of the week]!” and other positive greetings come straight from the heart of The Network’s “staff mom” and adviser, Mrs. Kalkowski. Her kindness, determination, and guidance are unparalleled, and she fights ‘till the finish of every paper to ensure her staff is proud of their work. Mrs. K, who is also the adviser of the Crusader yearbook, loves when her journalism students defend what they publish. Mrs. K can be found at her desk early in the morning, greeting newspaper staffers with a huge smile as they come in to work on stories, graphics, and pages; in the chapel, praying with the Decade Darlings every day after school; at Mount Michael, supporting her son Cole in his after-school activities; keeping in touch with her oldest son Logan, a student at UNL; and in many other situations and places. Though The Network staff may not always “feel emotionally ready” for school, their adviser’s uplifting attitude and advice help them make a beautiful pink dress out of scraps of fabric every month. Bio by clarawertzberger

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