Administration opts for modern, digital calendar

amaleapoulos & laurennovacek

At the beginning of the school year, Marian girls flipped through their crisp, freshly printed calendars. This tradition will be left in 2016; Marian’s calendar for the 2016-2017 school year will be

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 8.49.34 AM

For more than 20 years, the Marian community has been given a print calendar. The calendar showcased photos from the previous school year and was marked with all  the important dates for the current year. For many, receiving the calendar was a staple of the new year.

“I don’t like the fact that we don’t have a printed calendar because I use my printed one all of the time. It’s so convenient having an actual calendar in front of me. I also think it’s easier to see what’s going on at school on a printed calendar than having to find it online,” sophomore Emma Raabe said. Some students find the physical version to be more user friendly.

In an effort to make the school more eco-friendly, Marian’s administration made the decision to have only an online calendar. “It doesn’t really affect me too much. I usually just look online because it’s more convenient. I think it’s smart because a lot of people don’t use them and it will save paper,” freshman Mia McGrath said. According to Principal Susie Sullivan, administration is making several other changes for the goal of going completely paperless. These include progress reports only being online and sending registration papers through email. In years to come, all information for the beginning of the year (usually mailed) will be received online.

Printing the calendar was an expensive project. Administration believed the cost was not necessary, especially with the field of technology growing each and every day. The online calendar is a new way to save money while still providing current information.

The online calendar will also be more accurate. If there’s a wrong date, it can be fixed with the click  of a button.

Once the print calendar was put to press, there was no fixing it. Wrong information proved to be a problem in the past. It was incorrectly stated in the 2015-2016 print calendar that students had Feb. 19 off. Mishaps like Feb. 19 were common. With the new calendar, there should be minimal mix-ups and fewer complaints.

The new calendar has the option for notifications. An email or text can be sent out if a date or time for an event changes.

Although the print calendar is a beloved tradition, the online version will be an interactive, more accurate green way of getting information.

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