Democratic caucus draws Marian politicians


Politics. Politics. Politics. After months of politics between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dominating the news, it’s hard to believe that the national primary election hasn’t even happened yet.

We are still in primary season, and on Saturday, March 5, Nebraska held its Democratic caucus. Marian girls who are registered voters attended a few of these events to support the two democratic nominees.

“I actually volunteer for the Bernie campaign,” senior Maggie White said. “I went to Beveridge middle school with Fiona Kennedy (‘15), but we ended up being four hours late.”

Junior Brigid Elbert also attended the caucus, despite not being eligible to vote until the general election in November. Elbert attended with her mom to show her support for her nominee: Bernie Sanders.

“My mom and I caucused at Beals Elementary. Every caucus location is determined by whichever legislative district you live in. The sign-ins started at 8:00. We arrived around 9:00 and took our places in lines to sign in. The sign-in process takes a while because it’s alphabetized,” Elbert said.

crowd 2

Rally Up: Crowds gather at Beals Elementary for the Nebraska Democratic Caucus on March 5. “My favorite part of the day was the energy of all the caucus-goers  around me,” Brigid Elbert said. Photo courtesy of Elbert.

Junior Brooke Huerter also attended the caucus and commented on the lively environment. “I was on the Hillary side sitting with my dad, but it was really fun to see how rowdy and fun the Bernie supporters were! They started chants and overall looked very excited to be there. Kinda like Marian girls!” Huerter said.

Ultimately, it was Bernie Sanders who won Nebraska and 56 percent of its delegates. The Republican primary takes place May 10 and will be a winner takes all state for whichever GOP candidate gets the most votes.  The general election will take place on November 8, 2016.

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