Having meaningful classes leads to meaningful lessons learned


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Becca Townley ’19 reads aloud a poem to her classmates The Honors Composition and Literature class concluded April with their poetry unity, where students had the opportunity to write and share original poetry.

Students complain about school almost as much as they attend it. The homework load, the tests, the concepts students may not completely understand; school isn’t normally portrayed in a positive light. However, deep down, every student loves something about it. Whether it’s the teachers, the fellow students, or the class material, school means more to students than they let on.

Honors Composition and Literature has helped freshman Becca Townley seamlessly transition into high school. The class challenged her and helped her to grow as a student. “The writing and vocab skills we learned this year can apply to any class that I take in the future,” Townley said. The class has also created fond memories that Townley will never forget.

Though literature classes are popular among students, whenever chemistry class is mentioned, a collec- tive groan is often heard in response. However, sophomore Mali Seran can hardly contain her excitement when it comes to the notorious subject.

“I am interested in science and math, and chemistry is a combination of the two,” Seran said. Seran enjoys the mix of a traditional classroom environment and the opportunities for hands-on learning that Mrs. Stacy Tunink incorporates into the sophomore-level class.

Because of her experience in Honors Chemistry, Seran plans on taking AP Chemistry II as a junior next year. Tunink will be Seran’s teacher for a second year in a row, something Seran is looking forward to.

“Mrs. Tunink makes the class enjoyable,” Seran said. “She explains everything thoroughly and will help whoever needs it.”

Not only has chemistry helped her achieve a greater understanding of math and science, but Seran is also able to apply the skills she has learned to other aspects of her life. “I will take away the fact that there is always more than a single way to do something,” Seran said. Chemistry has taught her about the periodic table, but Seran realized that this class has helped shape her as a person.

Chemistry isn’t the only class that teaches outside the curriculum. This year, junior Sophie Dineen spent time learning about Shakespeare and King Arthur in Mrs. Amy Bauman’s AP English Literature class, along with valuable life lessons. “Every day in class we have fun, and it’s never really dull. [Mrs. Bauman] always has a good sense of humour about everything,” Dineen said.

Through various projects such as making “Jane Eyre” videos, Bauman engaged and entertained students in a way that will never let them forget what they did in class. This class was meaningful to Dineen because she learned skills applicable to the world beyond literature.

“I learned that English is supposed to be fun, and I will take that with me to all the other classes I will take in the future,” Dineen said. Being able to see things in a positive light will serve Dineen well into her final year at Marian.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors traveled around the world without leaving their desks in Mrs. Susan Juza’s Geography class during this school year. Geography is senior Caitlin Ricker’s second class with Juza, after having Honors World History with her during Ricker’s freshman year.

“I knew I wanted to take a class with her again. It was cool to start with her and end with her,” Ricker said.

The Geography class expanded their educational opportunities miles outside of the classroom. “We got to Skype people for classes. We Skyped her son who is living in a Latin Amer- ican country, and we learned about a lot of the customs there,” Ricker said.

Geography class has meant the most to Ricker this year because of the educational edge it will give her in the future. “I’m learning a lot. I know that it will help me in college because I will know so much about all of these countries. It’s really interesting and really useful,” Ricker said.

Although students may grumble when they have to get up for school in the morning, there is something special about the classes at Marian that keeps students from sleeping in until 11:00 (other than a nagging mom). Whether its discovering a passion like Seran or learning to see the fun in everything like Dineen, classes at Marian mean so much more than learning basic subjects.

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