Math teacher makes move to Iowa



Mrs. Mandy Kehm and her family

This teacher has problems. She has math problems that is, and lots of them.

Beloved mathematics teacher, Mrs. Mandy Kehm, has decided to make the move to Fort Dodge, Iowa to allow herself to be closer to her extended family. Both her and her husband have family there and are excited to allow their new addition to the family, their lovely daughter Evey, to grow up with cousins and grandparents close by.

Kehm started her journey in Omaha back when she made the move to the good old cornhusker state in order to attend college at Creighton University. She then fell in love with the city and decided this is where she wanted to have a job.

After working for Omaha Public Schools for one year, she heard through some friends who taught at Marian that a math position had opened up. “I also knew some girls from Marian that I went to Creighton with, and they were obsessed with this place, so I figured it was a good place to be!” Kehm said.

A combination of her friends’ enthusiasm for teaching at Marian and her desire to one day teach in a Catholic high school made the opportunity impossible to pass up.

“I had gone to Catholic schools my entire life, so Catholic education is very important to me,” Kehm said.

She will teach at Iowa Central Community College starting next year, but she knows she will miss coming to work and seeing blue uniforms in the hallways. However, she plans on missing more than just the plaid. “I will miss the teachers. They’re truly passionate about what they do. They have inspired me, and I have a lot of them to thank for making me the teacher I am today. Obviously the students, as well, you guys are what makes this place so special and what makes us seniors want to work so hard!” Kehm said. Her formula seems to be one for success.

Her new students won’t be mean, or median, or even mode. These puns are going off on a tangent, but her range of skills is so large that the limit does not even exist!

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