Meet Marian’s 2016 Valedictorian, Salutatorian


Valedictorian Kathryn Fuxa (left) and Salutatorian Claire Davis (right)

College & Major?

K: Creighton. Business-Finance and K Marketing double major.

C:  Tulane. Engineering.

Which teacher do you thank?

K:  Mr. Baker–AP Gov and Research–I feel so prepared for college.

C: Mr. Koesters–Latin–we have fantastic conversations, and I have had him for all four years.

Favorite class?

K: Physics–learned a lot, or Art-specifically [Art] IV.

C: Speech–I got to learn a lot about myself and speak in front of other people, and I found my best friends.

Studying advice?

K: Challenge yourself, always keep a positive attitude, never take yourself too seriously and always remember to have fun with whatever you are doing

C: Study, but don’t focus too much on it. Sometimes it seems like the most important thing, but honestly I wish I would’ve skipped studying sometimes and gone to a game or more things on week nights.

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