Queen of history takes bow


DSC_0001Mrs. Susan Juza has given Marian something unforgettable. She has made her mark in the Social Studies sector with Katherine the First, her amazing volleyball skills, and the unforgettable freshman-made trench. At a 4-foot-10-and-a-half-inch stature, shetaught Marian that small-sized is fun-sized with her love of blazing hot Cheetos, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Peter the Great. What is the reason behind writing a story praising all of her wonderful aspects? Well, that would be because this confident, inspiring woman is leaving.


“The main reason is because my parents are getting to the age where they need some outside help. I’m seven hours from them, and ever since my sister passed, away the majority of the responsibility falls on my shoulders. It’s been too difficult to get up there when they need me,” Juza said. She attempted balancing teaching and taking care of her parents, but in the end she found that ending her teaching career would be the way to go.

After 11 years of teaching at Marian, Juza has learned the importance of teaching at an all girls school compared to teaching at a public school or raising her four sons.

“Well, I used to teach boys in public schools, and the boys would throw spitballs. I’ve never seen a Marian girl throw a spitball. I just think that boys are louder; my boys were louder.

They always talk sports, whereas at Marian they talk about other things besides sports. Marian girls are just sweet. I call it the Marian Aw. As soon as they see a puppy dog, ‘Aww.’ You know, boys don’t do that. I hear you out in the hall and you know you say, ‘Have

a good day, love you.’ Boys don’t do that. It’s just so nice to have that in my life,” Juza said.

Juza later explained what she would miss most about Marian. “Teaching subjects that I’m passion- ate about to girls that are passionate about learning,” Juza said. Another aspect of the Marian community that Juza has cherished is the “teacher camaraderie.” Recently, her husband suffered a heart attack. About a week later, he had to have open heart sur- gery. “Since Bob’s had his heart attack, just the well wishes and thoughts from the faculty. I mean that really speaks volumes,” Juza said.

Juza leaves students, present faculty, and incoming faculty with pieces of advice. “To Marian students, learn what you can in high school, and most kids do. Absorb what you can and take out of it what you can to college.” To the present and incoming faculty she says, “Teachers should tap into the creativity because you guys are really abundant with it. It makes it enjoyable not only for the students, but for the teachers.”

Sadly, as Juza says goodbye, she explained the difficulties of leaving. “It’s hard because, for it being 11 years, it’s been a big part of my life, and you guys are just so cool. I don’t know how else to say it; you’re just so cool … That’s going to be hard for me to leave, but it’s just the way it has to be,” Juza said. With that, the queen of history, volleyball, and flaming hot Cheetos takes a bow.

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