Students embark on summer adventures, aim to experience new cultures in Southeast Asia


Sun-cambodia-mapThis summer, 44 Marian students and eight faculty members will depart on a two week journey to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. After a full day of traveling, the group will spend their time riding elephants through the jungle, watching a Muay Thai fight, and enriching their worldview of these eastern cultures.

Spanish teacher Mr. Andrew Bauer has planned and organized the trip through- out this school year. “I’m really looking forward to … going to the genocide muse- um in Phnom Penh. It’s called Tuol Sleng,” Bauer said. “It’ll be a really hard day, but it’s important to see.”

Junior Claire Devereaux will be one of the 44 students attending this trip. “ I have never traveled out of the country, and I have always wanted to travel somewhere extremely far away with a completely dif- ferent culture than ours,” Devereaux said. “I am most excited to ride elephants, learn about the culture, and try new foods.”

The group leaves on June 14 and re- turns June 27. While the trip will be a fun vacation, it will also be a chance for them to learn about new countries and cultures. “I think it’ll be a great experience,” De- vereaux said. This group will return ready to share their newfound worldview and cultural experiences.

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