Freshman Fastball: Swinging with Spirit!



Team work makes the dream work ZaZa Nelson ’19 and Ashley Stank ’19 attach green and blue cupcake liners to a string of lights. Walls girls work quickly and efficiently to make their Tuesday Walls Night deadline. photo by allyhermanek

The class of 2019 was restless waiting for their first Field Day. They gathered around for an exciting game of tug of war, skits, and announcements for Field Week Kick Off Block. “It was really fun. I really liked doing the skit and watching all the other skits. I didn’t realize how intense tug of war could get,” freshman Class Officer Lily Blake said.

Rumors circulated the freshman class of just how crazy Field Day could be. “I heard it was really crazy and intense, and a lot of people go all out. Also, no one goes easy on anyone: their own class or other classes,” freshman Student Board member Bailey Hanus said.

Freshmen Fastball hit a homerun with their theme and were excited to begin the Field Day festivities. The first and arguably most stressful Field Day committee is Walls. “Everyone told me Walls would be the most stressful few days of my life, and I didn’t expect them to be so right,” Blake said.

Walls is one of the first festivities of Field Day. On Tuesday night of Field Week, classes showed off their theme in a creative and colorful way. The Walls committees spend two half days (not including planning) building these three-dimensional stories for all to see on Walls Night. Each class must be accounted for in every class’s wall, and the storyline must be creative and easy to understand. Judges critique the walls on Walls Night, but the big reveal is held until Field Day itself.

Whether on Walls-working or Walls-planning, members have to sketch, paint, and create a wall in a matter of hours. Teamwork and leadership rose to the challenge as the frosh resurrected light blue and green walls from almost nothing.

“My favorite part about being on Walls was being able to look at the finished project and knowing at the beginning it was literally just a pile of PVC pipes,” Blake said.

“I was really proud of us and just seeing it all put together. It made me happy to see the final product,” Walls member freshman Annie Foley said.

In the last hour of Walls, some students panic, but the freshmen did not. “[In the last hour] I was feeling oddly calm. We had everything done, and we were just doing finishing touches. I was very stressed the end of the first day, but towards the end I thought, ‘We actually did it, and there is really nothing else to do,’” Blake said.

Freshmen are very excited to be a part of such a valued Marian tradition. “The whole week was overwhelming, but once we got [to Field Day] I felt so accomplished. I got a huge adrenaline rush, because I had heard about Field Day many times and now I was actually a part of it for the first time ever,” Foley said.  

Field season is over, but the lessons learned by the freshmen and every other grade will live in them for the rest of their lives. “It was very fun. It’s really cool to see all the people working so hard for a common interest, and I liked the whole vibe because the whole school gets into it,” Blake said.

Freshmen may not know their whole class yet, but they’re a step closer because of Field Day. “I felt like we really bonded and everyone was so loud and energetic. For demo you’re holding hands with someone you don’t really know and standing across from someone trying to get them pumped up,” Hanus said.

Freshman Fastball wrapped up their first Field Day with excitement and enthusiasm. Time can only tell what the future will bring for the freshmen, but they swung their way through a memorable and successful first Field Day.

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