Jump, jive, and Judges’ Booklet: Sophomore skit is a dancing dream



Kicking and screaming Sophomore Judges’ Booklet girls flaunt their kick line during their performance. Their “American Sockhop” skit kicked off Field Day 2016. photo by abbyhermanek

Sophomore Judges’ Booklet girls aunt their kick line during their performance. Their “American Sockhop” skit kicked off Field Day 2016. photo by abbyhermanek

They kicked o Field Day 2016, they danced right into the hearts of many, and they didn’t start practicing until Monday of Field Week. This year’s sophomore Judges’ Booklet Skit Committee pulled together a jivin’ skit for their performance on Field Day.

The group consisted of Diana Elizalde, Shannon McSweeney, Grace Woltemath, Rayna Bartling, and Colby Lemkau. “Our entire Judges’ Booklet Committee is just a dream
team. We’re all fun people and I love working with the energy we all have,” McSweeney said.

Their skit, “American Sockhop,” mimicked the popular reality television show, “American Idol.” Each grade represented a familiar judge on the show while their very own classmate played the role of the sophomore contestant who danced to all kinds of themed music.

The show would not be complete without famous host Ryan Seacrest, who was played by sophomore Rayna Bartling. “I wore Shannon’s brother’s graduation suit without his or his mom’s agreement, and I sweat in it a lot,” Bartling said.

There were many small changes to the committee this year. “There were about eight less girls on committee this year than last year, which called for a lot more people having to pick up extra slack,” McSweeney said.

McSweeney herself was also a change to the dynamic of the group. Although she was part of their gnarly Freshman Surfers’ skit last year, this year she was the Class Officer in charge of the whole committee.

Another new addition, Diana Elizalde, transferred to Marian this year. “Having this amazing group of friends to help me through my first Field Day was heart-warming. Judges’ Booklet accepted me as one of their own, and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to know such beautiful humans,” Elizalde said. Her beat-boxing skills allowed the group to have some funky tunes during the skit.

Grace Woltemath was new to the skit this year as well. “Being a part of a close knit group that learned to work together [helped us] get to know each other as not just classmates, but as friends,” Woltemath said.

The girls worked during Field Week all while helping monitor the booklet side of the committee as well. The booklet girls put together a jammin’ bubble gum pink and purple jukebox to accompany the skit.

The group agreed that deciding on a nal script proved to be their biggest challenge.
Colby Lemkau stated that work done in the skit committee was not always as smooth as her dance moves. “We went through so many ideas. We started with one and then changed it about ve times then nally went back to the original idea, but made a few changes to it,” Lemkau said.

Despite so many changes and a last minute script, the sophomore girls danced in Sokol Arena on Friday, April 29. The girls created many laughs that will continue to be remembered throughout their years at Marian.

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