New summer gym class means open schedules for students



Ms. Ronda Motykowksi and Mrs. Beth Dye 

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and summer is here. Not one inkling of books, pencils, or teachers are on the average Marian girl’s mind. Unless, of course, she is partaking in the newly offered Marian gym classes coming to students this summer.

As part of the recent advances in optional electives, Marian has begun to offer gym classes in the summer that will allow students to have a more open schedule during the school year. Although this is offered at many other schools within the Omaha Public School system, it is not usually available for private schools.

“… There is kind of a whole group of kids that really want to do more with their academics to the point where some of them don’t take study halls. Some of them still not giving [students] enough time to fit in some other types of classes that they really want to do. It will be more affecting the science classes and maybe some English classes,” Ms. Ronda Motykowski, Dean of Discipline, said.

Along with gym teacher Mrs. Beth Dye, Motykowski will hold these classes during the month of June. Each class will be from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. from June 1 to June 30. The total class fee will be $250 plus the cost of a $25 gym uniform.

With Dye and Motykowski splitting the days, the class will be a combination of three gym classes, Team Sports, Dual Sports, and Lifetime Fitness, with three di erent activities each day. “It’s a way to do a trial with this to see how many kids it really hits. We really had two gym classes and moved down to one because only 14 kids signed up. We’re trying to see if it will give them that extra time in the year to get credit done so it opens up their schedule,” Motykowski said.

According to junior Delaney Villarreal, the beneficial aspect of the summer gym classes are not as veritable as they may seem. “In general I think that PE is a good class to take during the school year because then you are staying active in the midst of studying, while in the summer you have a lot more time to be active, so you don’t necessarily need a PE course to do that. Plus, if you have enough time to take PE in your credits, then you shouldn’t have to come in during the summer,” Villarreal said.

Villarreal went on to explain her other issues with the class. “In the summer, people want to take vacations, and I’ll have college searches. I think it’s important to have my schedule more exile during the summer,” Villarreal said. It is an automatic failure if a student misses three classes.

Sophomore Audrey Hurtle agrees to disagree with Villarreal. She feels  classes are going to be helpful for students with a more creative side.

“I think it’s bene cial because people who want to take other classes like art or something can take them and not have to worry about having two gyms. It can be kind of a struggle for people who are more creative and aren’t as athletic and don’t want to take a gym class,” Hertel said.

Hertel explains how she felt clueless as a freshman signing up for classes.
“I remember freshman year, I didn’t really know what I was doing. All I knew was that I needed to get my gym classes done. I never really thought about maybe taking art or speech instead,” Hertel said. When freshmen register, they are informed of all the possible electives, but it is typical for freshmen to take a gym class.

Whether they are with Dye or Motykowski, the summer gym classes are a great opportunity to expand horizons, make friends, and open up schedules.

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