Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation: Senior Demo earns Academy Award



Picture perfect Senior cheerleadersrs pose as celebrities during the red carpet scenes of their Demo. The senior class applauded as bystanders and paparazzi. photo by natalieplewa

Senior Class Officer Mary Kate Mulhall has learned the do’s and don’ts of Field Day Demonstration over her four years in charge of the committee. Through years of trial and error, she has created first-place-worthy criteria for usable songs: short, catchy, and well-known.

“Freshman year we used ’22’ by Taylor Swift and the ‘Suite Life of Zach and Cody’ theme song. I can’t believe we did that. Now I always ask my dad if he knows the song before we use it,” Mulhall said.

The Demo process began immediately after Color Block. It took weeks to perfect the storyline and lyrics. Senior Demo moderators English teacher Ms. Megan Piernicky and theology teacher Mr. Andrew De Leonardis reviewed the songs about two weeks before Field Week, counting syllables and making sure the story line was clear.

“I pride myself on parody writing and draw from my musical background to assist. I was able to take a hands-off approach and not rework much because this class has some of the strongest lyrics I’ve ever seen,” De Leonardis said.

However, De Leonardis was sad to see his favorite part of the Demo get cut. “They had a line in ‘Old MacDonald’ that went ‘Here a horse, there a horse, horsey horsey horse horse.’ I knew it was just a file while they were thinking of lyrics, but I wish it would’ve made it in. I think it would’ve gone over really well with the judges,” De Leonardis said.

Once Field Week began, the Demo team recorded the Demo to share with the class and choreographed the formations. “We have always been talented lyrically, but not in formations. I knew this year we needed to impress the judges by forming recognizable symbols,” Mulhall said.

Finally, on Wednesday, the class practiced as a whole for the first time. Because of an increase in the number of formations, the class did not have time to fully run the Demo by the end of the day. De Leonardis gave and inspirational speech to the entire senior class because he could not be there to help on Thursday. “The class went through a lot last year. I was so proud to see them come back strong and spirited. They had a choice to make, and they made the right one,” De Leonardis said.

When their last Field Day came, it was time to perform their last Demo. “I think there’s something special about Demo because it’s the only category that incorporates the entire class. Each member of the grade is on the working committee, so it really felt like a team win when we won,” Mulhall said.

When Marian alumni meet, there is no doubt Field Day will be a topic of conversation. Demo lyrics will be a topic of conversation. Demo lyrics will play in Marian girls’ hearts for the rest of their lives. Field Day is something bigger than performing it in costumes for 10 minutes; it symbolizes how a class has grown together. For the Class of 2016, their final scene is Demo represented their journey over four years and the love they have for each other. “Graduation was it, that was the one!” the Class of 2016 said. “Now that’s a wrap, our movie is done!”

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