Trap team forges friendships, secures runner up at State


state trap color

Trap queens Ellie Messerschmidt ’18, Samantha Tracy ’19, Katie Peterson ’16, Allison Zuerlein ’16, and Sarah Villarreal ’17 pose with their hard-earned trophy. They finished in second place at the State competition. Photo courtesy of Samantha Tracy. 

On Friday, April 29, while most of the school screamed songs at the top of their lungs at Field Day, a select group of girls shot at the State Trap meet. The meet continued on to Saturday, and the team emerged with smiles on their faces and a fantastic second place finish.

The Marian Blue squad, consisting of freshman Samantha Tracy, sophomore Ellie Messerschmidt, junior Sarah Villarreal, senior Katie Petersen, and senior Allison Zuerlein placed second overall in the competition, and Petersen placed second as an individual. Eleven other students on squads White and Red also competed at the tournament.

One of the most extraordinary features of the 2016 team is the wide range of classes represented on each squad. “Blue squad this year was really unique because we had girls from every single grade. For the past two years, it’s been made up of mostly seniors,” Villarreal said.  

Despite the difference in age, nothing has come between these girls. Through practices in bad weather and multiple bonding events, the team has become as close as family. “My favorite moment at State was when Allison Zuerlein gave our squad handkerchiefs with our initials on them. We were all in need of tissues at every meet. It was a great gift and something that probably won’t ever leave my shooting vest,” Villarreal said.

In addition to a stellar team connection, the trap team’s huge amount of motivation helped them achieve this great honor. “I think the girls on our squad get on the line for every shoot very determined to win. We shoot because we love to shoot and we love each other, but we also shoot to win,” Villarreal said.

Doing well at State was not the only team’s achievement that weekend. At the assembly honoring the trap team on the following Wednesday, national medals were also awarded. Sophomore Megan Doehner, Messerschmidt, and Petersen each earned Scholastic Clay and Target Program medals. These girls were recognized for their State performance on a bigger, national level.

The trap team put in countless hours of work on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays competing and perfecting their craft. “The girls on the trap team know what it really means to work hard and play hard,” Villarreal said. This dedication resulted in a State finish that all members should be proud of.

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