‘It used to be all about me’



Oldest child Ricky (10), Ally (17), Emmy (14) and Maddy (12) smile while crashing Ally’s senior photo session

To sum this whole thing up, I am basically the Kourtney Kardashian of my family. All of my younger siblings have passed me in height, my fashion sense is the savviest of them all, and to top it all off, I actually cried when I found out Kourt and Scott Disick broke up. Our biggest similarity? We are both the oldest child of the family. We are the guinea pig child that leads the way for the rest of our dysfunctionally lovable families. Granted, my biggest claim to fame is the one time I hit over 300 likes on my Insta, where she has her own reality show, but I promise, we’re practically lifestyle twins.

I was born on June 25, 1998. I will speak for both of my parents to claim that I was the absolute light of their lives. One day my parents announced to me that I would have a little sister. A smaller and cuter version of me that I had to SHARE my parents’ attention with? I wasn’t a fan. If there is one thing to explain how not so enthused I was about this sister and how still focused I was on my 4-year-old self, I think the fact that I named her after my favorite character on Dragon Tales sums it up quite nicely.

The whole experience was a culture shock for my 4-year-old self. Although the idea of not being the center of attention at all times was a scary thought, I nally had a role. I was no longer just the little human that my parents doted over at every minute. I was now the big sister.

The sister who is named after a Dragon Tales character is currently in that phase where she lives to copy me, but never in her wildest dreams would she admit that to anyone, especially me. My sister’s 14th birthday occurred in March. On her birthday, all of her friends were posting pic collages. I found 26 di erent pictures of her in my out ts.

I understand how it can be hard for younger siblings and how they can end up being “jealous” of the oldest child. I get it! I know I’m a tough act to follow and honestly feel sorry for my younger siblings who have to try to live up to me. No matter how old we all get, they’ll always be my little sisters and brother who need my protection and guidance, especially when they don’t want it.

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