Kardashian family: the krazy kweens of Calabasas


One time, someone asked me why I liked the Kardashians. Bible, I could not answer the question. I once spent five straight hours glued in front of my TV, and for what reason? I was watching Kendall and Kylie fight in St. Barths. I even made my mom watch it with me, hearing the occasional, “This is garbage! How can you watch this?”

The bottom line is that the Kardashian/ Jenner family is so entertaining. I’ve been a fan of the show for so long, I remember what Kylie’s real lips look like. To be honest, these girls are unbelievably ridiculous about a lot of things, but that’s what attracts viewers.

Despite getting constant eye-rolls from the public, I really respect their hustle. Some would argue that the girls are talentless, but I disagree. For starters, Kylie

and Kendall apparently wrote a book once. Literally no one talks about it, but it’s out there. If you’ve read it, please shoot me an email at 16mclaughlint@omahamarian.org. I would love to discuss.


graphic by tessamclaughlin

Also, let’s not forget that a long time ago, before Kim K was Kim K, she was employed as Paris Hilton’s personal closet organizer. That’s THE Paris
Hilton whose catchphrase was “That’s hot.” Honestly, I’m disappointed the friendship didn’t last past the early 2000s. Today, Kim is sitting pretty with famous rapper Kanye West and their two children North and Saint. I’d call that a pretty successful life inside of the Calabasas bubble where getting spray tans and eyelash extensions is a greater concern than deforestation or world hunger.

I am extremely amused by Kardashians. Their life is so otherworldly and unattainable that it leaves my mouth gaping after each episode I watch. Truly, it’s humbling. I sometimes picture myself in their shoes (probably Louboutins), pondering how hard my life would be trying to decide if my Balmain dress would look better with my Mercedes G-Wagon or my $320,000 Ferrari. My 2004 Dodge Stratus isn’t close in quality and is a lot less ashy, but I’d say it rivals in personality and it looks amazing with blue plaid.

It’s 2016, and you can’t escape the Kardashians. Maybe at this point you don’t want to. Or maybe you really, really do. But you’d be lying if you said you were never interested. In a literal sense, keep up with the Kardashians. Scroll through their Instagrams, watch their show, keep refreshing Kylie Cosmetics, and don’t feel any shame about being entertained by their madness. It might make you take a good look at your life and appreciate the normal things that you’ve worked hard for.

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