All Talk, No Pay All honesty is the best policy when it comes to Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Kathryn Morey


Imagine 699 girls walking up to 4 miles while raising about $125,000. Walk-A-Thon is only one of the many fundraisers held at Marian. Not only is it a way for Marian students to give back to their school, but a way to earn school privileges as well. The primary purpose of Marian’s Walk-A-Thon is for the student body to secure a generous amount of money to support the school’s maintenance funds, tuition assistance, and technology. Every student attending Marian is encouraged to participate in this fundraiser.



The Senior Class uniting as they await results

However, there are a select few who go along with the crowd stating that they will give their fair share, but then in reality never give a donation to this fundraiser. According to Junior Sadie Stracke “Students should not be hypocritical when securing Walk-A-Thon donations, and should at least put in 85 percent effort.”

To many students, Walk-A-Thon is a way for the classes to unite. Therefore, every student is encouraged to bring in money to support their individual class and fulfill their class and school goal. The Freshmen goal was $23,994, the Sophomore goal was $23,994, the Junior goal was $19,737, and the Senior goal was $22,446. Every class goal varied, but the overall school goal was $90,000.
Despite this encouragement, there are still students who refuse to bring in money, even if they say they have contributed. According to sophomore Becca Townley, “A student should not have to bring in excessive amounts of money to support the school, when students are already paying $10,000 in tuition.”Even Grace Morey states that “Even though this fundraiser is important, some may find it difficult financially to contribute more.”
Many students see this as a true statement therefore saying they will bring in money to give the class the hint of support, but in reality never bringing in any money. This is where the honesty factor comes in to play. Since students may be dishonest about donating, it is hard for classes to differentiate who is being supportive, and who is stating words to please the class. This makes people question the student body of whether or not they are being truthful about donating to support the school, or whether they are “all talk, and no pay”.

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