Craig cherishes Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Andie Mikuls
What do dancing the merengue and participating in Marian’s annual Walk-A-Thon (WAT) have in common? They are both things that Spanish teacher Cassandra Craig loves to do.
“I love Walk-A-Thon” Craig said. She did not hesitate to share her opinions on Marian’s beloved tradition. WAT is almost always on a nice day, teachers and students have a chance to talk and catch up with friends, and everyone is released from school early. “What’s not to love?” asks Craig.

At Marian, all teachers take part in the actual event of WAT. There are various tasks and positions that teachers get assigned to, such as handing out water bottles, stamping students’ hands at checkpoints, or actually walking the walk, which took place on Sept. 30.


Cassandra Craig

In her past years Craig has had various positions in WAT. Her first year she jogged with the cross country team. Last year, when she was pregnant she stood at a table and handed out water bottles, instead of running or walking the route. Those are just a few of the varying positions she has had at her years at Marian.

This year was different for Craig because she was assigned to walk the 4-mile route with the third place class, the sophomores. When she told her homeroom class that she was going to walk four miles, there were groans of agony heard from the junior students at just the thought of walking that far. Craig on the other hand, was excited. She said that she didn’t mind walking that far because she could get her workout in for the day.

Outside of the actual event, Marian teachers contribute to WAT in other ways, too. Teachers with a homeroom motivate their classes to bring as much money as possible in order to reach their homeroom’s goal. Prior to the announcement of the final winning homeroom, Craig said that she believed that her homeroom would win with a total of about $5,800. She really hoped that her homeroom would pull through and win because her homeroom has never won before and she wanted a prize. A few weeks later, Andrew Bauer announced the winning homeroom. Craig’s predictions were correct. Her homeroom won. Being a junior homeroom teacher, Craig will also receive the free “Breakfast of Champions” along with her homeroom. “I am so excited, because, of course, I love free things” Craig said.

Teachers also have their own goals in fundraising. Every year the teachers have their own collection, which does not go to any particular class. The goal is the same each year: one hundred percent participation in the Marian Fund. Craig says that she has participated in the teacher collection every year she has been at Marian, but no student has ever asked her to donate toward their class goal.


Craig has a positive outlook towards WAT. She said that WAT really shows the dynamic of each class and how they work together, influencing Field Day and many other things throughout the year. If all the students take on the same attitude that Señora Craig has towards the fundraiser then Marian will continue to have many great years of its beloved Walk-A-Thon.

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